Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming

When your mind is in chaos. You body feels engulfed, of the World. God feels so far away. When the test seem to much to overcome. "It's only Friday, but don't worry my child. Sunday is coming."

When our test brings us to the valley. Rejoice. Though the valley is sometimes full of dead bones; just remember it takes only one breathe of God, to bring them to life.
When we feel as if our trials have hung us on a cross; just remember, though they put Jesus in a tomb, He rose again on the third day. It's Friday, but Sunday is coming

"It's Friday
Jesus is praying
Peter's asleep
Judas is betraying, but Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
Pilot is Struggling
the counsel is conspiring
the crowd is billowfying
They don't even know, that Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
the disciples are running, like sheep without a Shepard
Mary's crying
Peter is denying, but they don't know, that Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
the Romans beat my Jesus
robed Him in scars
They crowned Him with thorns but they don't know, Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
See Jesus, walking to Calvary
His blood dripping
His body stumbling
and His spirit burdened.
You see, His only prize, Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
the world's winning
people are sinning
and evil is grinning...
It's Friday
the soldiers nailed my Saviors hands to the cross
They nailed my Saviors feet to the cross
Then they raised my Savior up, next to criminals.
It's Friday but let me tell you something. Sunday is coming.
It's Friday
the disciples are questioning, what is happening to their King
The Pharisees are celebrating, that their scheming has been achieved.
But they don't know, that it's only Friday, but Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
He's hanging on the cross
feeling forsaken by his Father
Left alone and dying
Can anyone save Him? Oh, it's Friday but Sunday's coming.
It's Friday
the Earth rumbles
the sky grew dark
My King yields his spirit.
It's Friday
hope is lost
death has won
sin has concurred
and Satan is a liar.
It's Friday
Jesus is buried
A soldier stands guard
and a rock is rolled into place
But it's Friday, it's only Friday. Sunday is coming!"


  1. Your job as a future mother is to learn the god's ways and to help your child understand despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today's society. Without consciousous parents the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their disfavor by becoming corrupted in today's environment.
    Your ultimate goal is to fix your relationship wiith the gods and move on. You don't want to be comfortable here, and the changes in Western society in the last 100 years has achieved just that.
    1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don't be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

    The gods tempt people for which they are most weak. Artificial Intelligence will create desire in people's minds for the following sins:::
    1. Alcohol
    2. Drugs
    3. Preditory "earning"
    4. Homosexuality
    5. Gambling
    6. Something for nothing/irresponsibility (xtianity)
    7. Polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny (Islam)
    Much like the other prophets Mohhamed (polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny) and Jesus (forgiveness/savior), the gods use me for temptation as well. In today's modern society they feel people are most weak for popular culture/sensationalism, and the clues date back to WorldWarII and Unit731:TSUSHOGO, the Chinese Holocaust.
    It has been discussed that, similar to the Matrix concept, the gods will offer a REAL "Second Coming of Christ", while the "fake" Second Coming will come at the end and follow New Testiment scripture and their xtian positioning. I may be that real Second Coming.
    What I teach is the god's true way. It is what is expected of people, and only those who follow this truth will be eligible to ascend into heaven as children in a future life. They offered this event because the masses have just enough time to work on and fix their relationship with the gods and ascend, to move and grow past Planet Earth, before the obligatory xtian "consolation prize" of "1000 years with Jesus on Earth" begins.

    The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
    It is the gods who have created this environment and led people into Damnation with temptation. The god's positioning proves they work to prevent people's understanding.
    How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
    The fallen god, fighting for justice for the disfavored, banished to Earth as the fallen angel?
    I believe much as the Noah's Flood event, the end of the world will be initiated by revelry among the people. It will be positioned to be sanctioned by the gods and led for "1000 years with Jesus on Earth".
    In light of modern developments this can entail many pleasures:::Medicine "cures" aging, the "manufacture" of incredible beauty via cloning as sex slaves, free (synthetic) cocaine, etc.
    Somewhere during the 1000 years the party will start to "die off", literally. Only those who maintain chaste, pure lifestyles, resisting these temptations, will survive the 1000 years. Condemned to experience another epoch of planet's history for their ignorant pursuit of xtianity, they will be the candidates used to (re)colonize (the next) Planet Earth, condemned to relive the misery experienced by the peasantry during history due to their failure to ascend into heaven before the Apocalypse.
    Never forget:::It is not a house of Jesus.
    If this concept of Lucifer is true another role of this individual may be to initiate disfavor and temptation among this new poulation, the proverbial "apple" of this Garden of Eden. A crucial figure in the history of any planet, he begins the process of deterioration and decay that leads civilizations to where Planet Earth remains today.
    Which one is it? Probably both:::
    One transitions into the other, allowing the gods to wash their hands of obligation to their Chosen One.
    Shame. Shame on you. The antients ill-deserve their power.

    1. Wow... God forgive him for he knows not what he does. God(s)...??? As if there is more than One. The devil trembles at the words, yet was curious enough to read them. What a mighty God I serve

    2. What a weirdo. Bless their heart.